Avoid Discoloration and Stains on Your Pool Plaster

Depend on us for pool startup services in Lubbock, TX

When you build a new pool, the first 30 days are crucial. During that time, you'll need to ensure that the chemicals are perfectly balanced so you won't have to worry about discoloration. Fortunately, you have Triton Pool Co. by your side. We offer new pool inspection services in the Lubbock, TX area. Our pool startup service experts will ensure that the chemical levels are exactly where they need to be.

What does chemical balancing do for your pool?

As a pool owner, balancing the chemicals in your pool should be a top priority. When you schedule pool startup services, you'll be taking a step to:

  • Prevent bacteria and algae growth
  • Ensure that your pool is clear and beautiful
  • Create a comfortable swimming environment
  • Minimize health concerns from over-chlorination
  • Protect your pool from corrosion and damage

Get the most out of your pool. Call us today to schedule new pool inspection services.

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